Dose of Sprinkles!


Dose of Sprinkles via

Hi guys!

I decided to start a continuous series to my blog called “Dose of Sprinkles”. Allow me to explain…

Sprinkles are random pieces of sweetness. They come in all different shapes, sizes, colors and textures. Some are even not allowed in the state of California, which I despise, but somehow manage to get my hands on them anyway. Such a rebel! 😉

The way sprinkles fall out of the container or fall from your hand and onto the frosting of cakes, cupcakes, doughnuts etc. is also very random.

My mom recently gave me a lesson on her new-found technique of quickly sprinkling the sides of a cake. 😉 This is how it goes… Dad holds the cake plate with the cake over the sink slowly rotating it while Mom tosses (literally) handfuls of sprinkles at the sides of the cake! You guys, I swear I was in a hysterical laughing fit when I saw this happening! It just might have been a “had to be there to understand” moment.  What can I say, I am amused easily! This technique of hers works though, gets the job done with a quickness even though a million little sprinkles have gone everywhere. Fun times!

Back to my point… sprinkles are random.  This leads me to this blog series I am calling “Dose of Sprinkles”. I will be sprinkling you all with a biweekly list of about five RANDOM, fun, interesting, informative, inspirational, favorite things and finds. Examples include web links to articles, photos, helpful resources, videos, websites, places,  events, other bloggers’ recipes, baking tools, cookbooks, products, accessories, everything related to baking, sweets, and coffee! Occasionally I might throw in something random that has nothing to do with my theme. Something unrelated I find amusing,  interesting or something I just HAVE to share, like books I’m reading, food I’m eating, documentaries I’m watching.

Random “Dose of Sprinkles” will be biweekly (to start) on Bake for Coffee. You will find these specific posts on the homepage as well as under the “Sprinkles” tab, separate from all the recipes.

To sum it up, this will be a biweekly blog post containing sprinkles of fun aka a small list of randomness!

Thank you for bearing with me as I get to my point, thank you for being here reading my shenanigans, and mostly, I appreciate your support and feedback!


  1. The history behind the banning of silver dragees in CA. All because of one man, ugh! 😦
  2. The Science of the Best Chocolate Chip Cookies. Long read, but very interesting. This was one determined person!
  3. These photos! A-MAZ-ING! Food art I could look at all day!
  4. A “Starbuck’s” sippy cup for the kiddos!
  5. Stress no more with the Stress Cupcake!

Have a great weekend!


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